How To Increase A WhatsApp TV Views

Guide: How To Increase A WhatsApp TV Views

WhatsApp TV Views : It’s almost like running a blog to start a WhatsApp TV. In terms of stress and work input, it is actually preferable than running a blog. This article is only for individuals who want to launch or establish a Whatsapp TV in Nigeria.How To Increase A WhatsApp TV Views

On a blog, you must write at least 1,000 words, but on TV, you may only need a few.

For your blog, you must implement SEO, create backlinks, and implement various other techniques; but, for WhatsApp TV, all you need to do is increase the number of contacts.

I continue to observe a large number of people frantically searching for ways to monetize their smartphones; one such strategy is to use a WhatsApp TV.

Although I’ve never had a Whatsapp TV, from my experiences, I’ve seen some brilliant men earn six figures using the service.

There are tens of thousands of WhatsApp TVs, the majority of which are owned by students who have figured out a clever way to monetize WhatsApp TV.

People frequently search for ways to compose WhatsApp statuses and be paid while doing so.

Only a few few have been able to exploit this information and profit greatly from it.

Originally known as WhatsApp Television, WhatsApp TV is a branded account that uses WhatsApp’s status function to entertain, inform, and educate users.

We are all familiar with WhatsApp’s status feature and how it allows us to see what our contacts post in particular image or video formats on their WhatsApp fame.

The way WhatsApp televisions work is as follows. Simply put, they (WhatsApp TV) are trying to keep you interested or need to capitalize on the slogan “least bored when using WhatsApp.”

When people first started making WhatsApp TVs, their major goals were often to provide the viewer with amusement in the form of amusing, entertaining, savage, and meme videos.

But it’s really awful that a lot of people changed their careers and started sharing news and other things. While some WhatsApp TVs aim for instant fame. WhatsApp TV Views

They even post pornographic films and images, which is not ideal or what Whatsapp TV was created to provide.

How to Launch WhatsApp TV in Nigeria WhatsApp TV Views

You should keep in mind that it is not a difficult undertaking to launch a Whatsapp TV in Nigeria.

A collection of tools for a successful Whatsapp TV business are required if you want to start a WhatsApp TV.WhatsApp TV Views

  • Your smartphone, whether it’s an iOS or Android model.
  • Download the Whatsapp Business app for iOS or Android.
  • For WhatsApp TV, a Branded Name.
  • Logo for WhatsApp TV


It is strongly advised to use Whatsapp Business when you want to launch a Whatsapp Tv because the regular Whatsapp messenger will not give you access to all of the options that Whatsapp Business can.

You can also set up a Whatsapp Business account with your old WhatsApp Messenger number.

You are ready to construct your WhatsApp TV and begin making money once you have met all of these prerequisites.

Set up your phone number on the Whatsapp business app after downloading it (the phone number you wish to use for your Whatsapp TV),

Enter your WhatsApp TV name in the name field, and don’t forget to alter your WhatsApp TV logo as well.

A skilled graphic designer is one you can work with to create a Whatsapp TV logo for you.

Obtain contacts, store them, and begin selling your WhatsApp TV through your status updates once it has been completely operational.

Making Money With WhatsApp TV in Nigeria (Quick Guide) WhatsApp TV Views

The first consideration for making money from a WhatsApp TV is having a sizable audience. For instance, Google Adsense publishers make a lot of money from ads because of the enormous traffic they receive from their blogs.Making Money With WhatsApp TV in Nigeria

Your earnings and Adsense revenue grow significantly the more visits you have.

Similar to Whatsapp TV, the greatest approach to generate money is to promote or market other people’s goods and services in exchange for money.

Some WhatsApp TV users receive up to 10,000 views on their status, which is incredibly useful at marketing people’s companies, businesses, and services.

In contrast to wasting a lot of money and bandwidth running Facebook Ads or occasionally advertising on major blog sites, promotion using WhatsApp TV status is often even quicker and more practical due to low-cost demand.

What Should the Advert Fee For My WhatsApp TV?

It all relies on your Audience if you’re wondering how much to charge to advertise people’s businesses and items on your WhatsApp Tv status.

You must convince them that you are helping them and that a wide audience will read your post, which will receive a lot of views.

I have never seen a Whatsapp Status price for promotion that was greater than N2,000 (24 hours).

additionally, it all relies on how many views you receive each day.

Depending on the number of daily views, you may choose to charge more.

How to Launch a New WhatsApp TV in Nigeria:

This is what I’m going to term a bonus tip. As I previously stated, you must promote WhatsApp TV once it has been released in order to attract contacts and begin storing them.How to Launch a New WhatsApp TV in Nigeria

1. By means of other Whatsapp TV Owners

To market your WhatsApp TV, you must network with other owners and pay them.

Keep in mind that once you’ve done this, you need clearly explain what WhatsApp TV is all about so that individuals who are considering joining know what they’re opting in for.

2. By way of Top Forums

Simply write a catchy description and provide your phone number to market your WhatsApp TV on popular communities like the Nairaland forum.

Posting engaging content is the best approach to keep followers engaged on WhatsApp. Nobody wants to see garbage that doesn’t excite them in any manner.

Be interesting; if you post boring or uninteresting status updates on WhatsApp, people will erase your number and never contact you again.

3. Oga do giveaway.

Everyone enjoys freebies, especially in a nation like Nigeria where no one wants to come in last in anything. Occasionally, attempt to host a giveaway of airtime or something equally valuable.

Giving away things will keep your viewers interested, and some may even invite more of their friends to watch your TV, which will improve your TV’s reputation and draw in additional viewers like a magnet.

How To Open A WhatsAppTV In Nigeria, Conclusion:

I hope this article has helped you with some of your inquiries about beginning or creating a WhatsApp TV in Nigeria. How To Open A WhatsAppTV In Nigeria

Sharing is caring, so let’s talk about any difficulties you may be having operating and earning money from a WhatsApp TV in Nigeria in the comments area.

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