WhatsApp Tv With Highest Views

Top 20 WhatsApp Tv With Highest Views In Nigeria

It goes without saying that if you use WhatsApp, your phone should have a Whatsapp TV contact. However, if you’re looking for a WhatsApp TV that has the most viewers in Nigeria, this post will help.

For entertainment, news, school updates, and much more, WhatsApp TV (Whatsapp Television) has emerged as the most promising media. Today, almost everyone who owns an android phone has at least one Whatsapp TV installed.

WhatsApp Tv With Highest Views
WhatsApp Tv With Highest Views

Even if it’s not difficult to start a WhatsApp TV in Nigeria, most people are unaware of the advantages of having a TV on WhatsApp. Recently, several TV owners have been earning a respectable income from These TVs.

I spoke with one of the TV owners whose contact information I have preserved. He told me he makes between ₦10,000 and ₦15,000 per day on his WhatsApp status, and I was astounded.

These TV owners only need to build a Whatsapp TV, save several contacts, and begin gathering and posting advertisements for their clients in exchange for payment for doing so.

However, if you own a company and are searching for the best WhatsApp TV with the biggest views to post your advertisements and reach more customers, you should have a look at our picks.

Nigeria’s Most Viewed WhatsApp TV Channel

These Whatsapp TVs also provide a ton of fun and enjoyment, even if you don’t have a business that you want to advertise.Nigeria's Most Viewed WhatsApp TV Channel

I no longer visit reputable websites to learn about current events in Nigeria; instead, all I do is watch these TVs to find reliable information about whatever it is that I am seeking for.

The phone numbers for these Whatsapp TVs are shown below; save the numbers on your phone and message the users to let them know you wish to join the TV.

1. WhastAppTv.ng : WhatsApp Tv With Highest Views In Nigeria

Yes , We are the best in the Game with Over 5 Years Of Experience.

Whenever you wish to view the latest things happening in Nigeria , You don’t need to search the internet or Open Your browser to read blogs, Just Visit Our WhatsApp Status.WhastAppTv.ng

This Idea was started on 19th February 2018 , Over 5 Years Now , With Over 43k+ Saved Contacts , 10k+ Views Per Post , That’s why we are N01 in Nigeria.


A buddy of mine named Victor Udochukwu, a graduate of the University of Lagos where he earned both his first and master’s degrees, is the owner and operator of League of Extra Ordinary Gurus (LXG) TV, a WhatsApp TV.

LXG TV is a well-known company and one of the most popular WhatsApp TVs in Nigeria. The company focuses on photography services such photoshoots, wedding video coverage, and other forms of entertainment.

Victor Udochukwu, a smart young man who also happens to be a drone bender, works hard to deliver breaking news and updates in Nigeria. Throughout the epidemic and up until this day, LXG Whatsapp TV has been the greatest Whatsapp TV in Nigeria for providing reliable information.

You have the chance to learn firsthand information about events taking place in Nigeria and around the world thanks to LXG TV.

Another well-known media outlet, LXG TV, has successfully organized LXG Beach Camp annually for the past five years in a row.

LXG also covers popular comedy series like Large Brother Naija and big star movies.

LXG Whatsapp TV should also be considered while looking for the best Whatsapp TV to place your advertisement because it receives over 10,000 views per day and will connect you with customers who will gladly use your services.

Without a sure, LXG TV is one of the most well-known, valuable, and dependable WhatsApp TVs in Africa as a whole, not only in Nigeria.

3. Pot TV Media

If ThePot TV Media is not acknowledged, this list of the largest WhatsApp TV in Nigeria will lack legitimacy.

Pot TV is the first WhatsApp TV in Nigeria that has attracted a lot of attention and developed into one of the biggest WhatsApp advertising companies in the country.

Victor Ehindero, an Ondo State native and multi-millionaire entrepreneur, started the advertising firm.

How It Began:

The Pot TV media, the first native WhatsApp TV in Nigeria, began as an entertainment media in 2016 under the name “African Cooking Pot.” Over time, the name was changed to Pot TV, and the rest is history.

During the Covid-19 outbreak and the Twitter ban, the advertising agency once more rose to prominence as the leading agency assisting company owners to reach a broader audience.

Due to the Twitter ban, advertisers yearned for WhatsApp as a substitute marketing channel, therefore it is clear that the advertising agency added value for businesses to sell their goods and services.

The director of Pot TV Media, Victor, described how the TV and advertising agency began and developed over the years to reach such a high milestone and get international recognition during a recent live session with Chris Ani on Daba TV.

In Nigeria, Pot TV media has developed from a small, one-man operation into a successful, multi-million dollar advertising corporation. For the successful operation of the agency, 11 employees and a car are employed.

You’ll be amazed to learn that they first began by obtaining free advertisements from companies, and that Pot TV went the whole first year of its existence without being monetized. All of these accomplishments were made in less than six years.

Introducing Pot TV Media’s founder and CEO, Victor Ehindero.

4. Live Media TV

Live News Our list’s top spot is WhatsApp TV since it is one of the biggest and most popular WhatsApp TV services in Nigeria.

With Live Media TV, you can simply advertise or promote your company to a daily audience of roughly 15K people for a reasonable price.

Everyone enjoys having a Whatsapp TV contact on their phone to pass the time and feel entertained.

You’ll never get bored watching This TV because it has so many entertaining features including humorous memes and gifs, movies, and employment chances. The TV is a reliable source for news updates and information on events in Nigeria and around the world.

5. Light Up TV

The finest place to go for all things fun and entertaining is Light Up TV. Members of the TV can also take advantage of legitimate ways to generate money online.

With the greatest daily views, LightUp TV is without a doubt one of the best and most well-known TV channels, making it a target for advertisers and business owners looking to promote their brand to a wider audience.

Conclusion: The TV also hosts bizarre confession nights and large giveaways every weekend that will lift your spirits.

6. Trendz TV

One of Nigeria’s fastest-growing TV networks, Trendz TV produces material mostly on information, breaking news, memes, hookups, confessional evenings, and a wide range of other topics. The first Whatsapp TV in Nigeria to offer movie and music video reviews is an all-in-one TV package.

For those who are interested in learning more about the school system and culture of the people, the TV also presents fascinating facts about Nigeria, particularly in the area of education.

Trendz TV aspires to become the most dependable resource on the internet for information about Nigeria, Nigerian schools, and anything else pertaining to Nigeria since we believe that education is not a means of preparation for life but life itself.

Trendz TV is conveniently located to give you access to all school curses updates as well as information for undergraduates. For students, it is the most suggested WhatsApp TV.

7. Babafaros TV

My favorite Whatsapp TV for amusement, news on the ASUU strike, and school updates is Babafaros TV. A well-known and well-liked Obafemi Awolowo University student owns and runs the TV (OAU).

You may get first-hand knowledge about what’s happening in the nation with Babafaros TV on your phone, which could help you save time and money.

With over 20k status views per day, Babafaros TV is among the best TV I’ve ever seen. This makes it the perfect platform for advertisers and company owners to run advertisements that will attract customers to their establishments.

I highly advise OAU students to subscribe to this TV because it is one of the most dependable sources for school updates on what is happening both on and off campus.

The diligent businessman and sketch creator known as Farombi Oluwaseun is the CEO of Babararos TV.

8. Ancestral TV

Ancestor Whatsapp TV is the first TV that comes to mind whenever I’m feeling bored. A dedicated Guy who has the interest of his audience at heart owns and runs Ancestor TV.

Ancestor Whatsapp TV is a platform for amusement, wit, and pleasure. It also hosts confessional nights, which adds to its amusement value.

However, the TV also receives a respectable amount of viewers—about 11,000 a day—where you can insert your advertisements at a reasonable cost.

9. Jorra Media

Jorra Media, which also offers WhatsApp TV, is one of West Africa’s fastest-growing entertainment centres. I wholeheartedly endorse this TV if you’re trying to beat boredom and reach a broader audience with your advertising.

They share amusing videos, memes, and other content that you won’t want to miss. Consider Jorra Media if you’re seeking for your preferred entertainment channel to watch.

10. Jolly TV

Have you ever considered how intriguing it would be to learn that a female had a WhatsApp TV? One of the most popular and quickly growing Whatsapp TVs is called Jolly TV, and it is owned and operated by a woman whose real name is Joy.

You can keep up with the latest news on Jolly TV, including the face of a Jolly TV beauty competition, relationship advice sessions, confessional nights, BB9ja updates, humorous memes, and Gists.

Jolly TV is an entertainment media outlet that redefines entertainment to keep you active and brighten your day, not just a WA TV with over 26k contacts and 7k daily page views.

Since this television is owned by a girl, I want my viewers to become a part of the Jolly TV family.

11. King Blaze TV

One of Nigeria’s most rapidly growing entertainment brands is KingBlaze TV. They offer premium stuff that will blow your mind.

Additionally, KingBlaze TV will make you and the people in your town laugh with its popular updates and memes. A working Telegram channel for the entertainment brand receives more than 8,000 views every day on Telegram WhatsApp.

Place your advertisement on KingBlaze TV for high ad conversion rates, and you’ll attract customers to your company.

12. Korrect Sports TV

If you love football, you don’t have to go to the viewing station every time to watch your games since you can obtain the most recent football news, goal highlights, transfer news, football fixtures and results, amusing football videos, and many other football-related moments on Korrect Score TV.

Your WhatsApp Status has access to all functionalities. Get all features right on your WhatsApp status and avoid the burden of searching the internet for football news and goal highlights.

13. Today’s Sports TV

Its mission is to provide you with live football updates, goals, highlights, transfer news, football trolls, and many other things.

Football match updates from all major leagues, including the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, Spanish League, and Champions League, can be found on Today’s Sports TV, so if you’re a fan, you shouldn’t ever ignore it.

All of these updates are easily accessible on your phone.

14. Temmy TV

One of the best forms of entertainment currently is provided by WhatsApp TV. When you’re bored, turn on the TV for amusing memes and football updates to pass the time.

15. Fresh Update TV

A industrious young man by the name of Gidi Banks owns the entertainment television station Fresh Update. WhatsApp Tv With Highest Views In Nigeria

The best source for music, entertainment, celebrity lives, and a lot of fun is television. Fresh Update TV receives roughly 10,000 views every day, making it a perfect place for advertisements.

16. Gistfans TV

Gist Fans is an arts and entertainment-focused blog in addition to a Whatsapp TV service. Along with jokes, hilarious memes, and other entertaining content, the TV regularly conducts airtime giveaways. Advertisements can be inserted for a reasonable price.

Best WhatsApp TV for Students in Nigeria:

Since almost all young people in Nigeria who participate in these WhatsApp TVs are students, it is essential to share some of the best WhatsApp TVs so that people can get daily information on ASUU, students, and campus life.Best WhatsApp TV for Students in Nigeria

1. Campus Media TV

The student WhatsApp TV in Nigeria with the quickest growth is Campus Media TV. You can get a lot of entertainment, school updates, instructional material, history and facts, admission procedures, and general information on this TV.

The ability of this TV to organize and schedule all the activities, including MCM, WCW, Talentshow Day, Confessional Nights, Medical Advice Day, where you can speak with a doctor anonymously about your health challenges, and many other amusing activities to lift your spirits, is one of its most fascinating features.

2. Campus Connect TV

ASUU and other issues pertaining to the Nigerian educational sector are shared by various Nigerian students via Campus Connect TV, another WhatsApp TV platform.

3. The Quest TV Media

One of the most rapidly developing and promising TVs for the educational market is this one. With Quest Media, you may access the best historical content, memes, and savages from Twitter, as well as the most recent movie news and humorous videos.

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Nigeria’s Most Viewed WhatsApp TV Channel
The WhatsApp TV episodes with the most views in Nigeria are shown below. If we come across any more TV that deserves mention, we’ll update this page, thanks.

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